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About Us

2 Live Smart saves you time, effort, stress and saves you money by providing smart solutions to everyday problems


All we care about is making people’s lives easier with smart solutions to everyday problems. As a busy people ourselves, we’re on a hunt for the best products that save you time, stress, effort and money. Products that help you look your best and feel your best, from the comfort of your home. We believe that your home is your castle and that it gives you and your family a safe space to work out, to do your beauty rituals and to enjoy your family life together. We are on a mission to help you enjoy your family life instead of spending hours cooking, cleaning or working out. We believe that clean and organized home, gives you the right space to enjoy yours and your family and friends company.

This is why we created 2 Live Smart! Everyday we search for products that:

  • Will help you make your home clean, cozy and organized with minimal effort
  • Will help you get fit and stay fit, from the comfort of your clean, cozy and organized home
  • Will help you look your best at all time, without spending fortune on beauty treatments and salons
  • Will help you enjoy your family and friends company over a delicious meal that you can make in no time, a cup of aromatic coffee and a glass of wine or beer
  • Will help you relief back pain we all suffer from sometimes and menstrual pain to make sure it does not impact your life too much
  • Will help stay organized while traveling whether by plane or by car

Smart solutions to everyday problems, carefully selected by 2 Live Smart Team will save you time, effort, stress and money. Join our club today and star saving with us!

Aga & Ted from 2 Live Smart Team


Photo by Alexy Almond

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